Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Legs Hate Me

Ok – as I mentioned earlier, we went to Target (no Wal-Mart’s here) so we could get bedding, towels – and other basic necessities. Prior to this we needed sustenance – having purchased not so much food for quite a lot of money (food is expensive – I’ll explain later) we were starved and could think of nothing better than….McDonald’s.  A ravenous hunger was building for greasy hamburgers and hot, salty French fries.  We set out hoping to find the golden arches. About a mile later we were standing in the air conditioned Mecca. Salt and grease never tasted so good and the only downside was that free refills, well, they’re not free. Damn.

During our long walk to McD’s I asked for directions to a store that sold bedding. A short, incoherent, homeless looking woman gave us ‘directions’ to Bunnings. Mistake number one? Asking her for directions. She said it was ‘quite a bit of a walk’ but we had walked a large amount already and figured it couldn’t hurt. What was mistake number 2? Taking her advice unaware of the consequences. A mere 20 blocks later we arrived at a sporting goods store and asked if we were near Bunnings because we were looking for bedding.  The salesman looked at me, entertained by my obvious foreign accent and utter lack of knowledge of the area, and said “yeah, there is a Bunnings near but you won’t find any bedding there. Target has bedding – blah blah blah directions, directions, more walking, blah blah blah.” The kind man pointed us to Target – only another mile or so walk away.  Are you keeping track of the distance? Because we most certainly weren’t.

Finally arrived at the shopping center that was home to Target after bypassing Bunnings – what is Bunnings you ask? It’s a hardware store – I’m sure they have some lovely bedding. Somewhere.  We found all our supplies: towels, sheets, shampoo and conditioner (way over priced) trashcans and pillows. At 4:45 the lights started to flicker and then we realized the store closed at 5. Hyatt went to pay for everything while I sprinted to the TeleChoice store to get some pre-paid phones. Phones and internet are pay as you go here and service plans are exponentially different and confusing.

Finally left Northland Shopping Center and proceeded to walk the 3 miles back to the ML carrying pillows, towels and electronic staples (phones, internet modem, DVD player)..…in the rain.

The next morning I started searching craigslist for one of these bad boys.

~ Buzzard ~

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  1. Hyatt would be really cute sitting behind you on one of these