Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Weekend in Adelaide

This past wekeend, we traveled to Adelaide to attend a Fulbright recognition dinner and visit some friends we made on our honeymoon. Adelaide is in Southern Australia which is west of Melbourne (Melbourne is in Victoria).

We took the train from Melbourne to Victoria - a relaxing 10 hour ride across beautiful landscape. This is what we saw for the entirety of the trip

Sheep and grass.  I'm beginning to think cattle and hogs are hated because we haven't seen hardly any.

The dinner was to start at 6:30 and if all went well, (do you see what's coming?) we would arrive at 5:45 (if you do the math, the train left at 8 - meaning I had to get up at 5:30 to take the 40 minute train ride there so we could be at the station early) and have plenty of time to get to the hall.  Unfortunately, it has been raining quite a bit here in Melbourne and our train was delayed by about 30 minutes. Apparently if it's raining the signal lights don't work well or something like that. Absurd. When we finally arrive to Adelaide, all dolled up (straightened and poofed hair, did makeup and got dressed in train bathroom - yeah me) it's about 6:15. Thankfully Fred, one of our friends from Fiji, was there to pick us up and rush us to the dinner. Turns out, 6:30 was the start of cocktail hour. Yay!

The Fulbright Commission is a very big deal in Australia - the Governor and some other heads of state attended and all of the Australian Fulbright winners were announce and recognized. Hyatt wasn't, because he's American but we had fun all the same.  The food was really, really good and we met some really nice people. Fred picked us up from dinner and took us to his house where we got see his wife Josie and meet his daughter Daniella.  We were exhausted from our trip so we sacked out immediately.

Hyatt had another Fulbright function to attend on Friday morning so I spent the day at the Rundle Mall.  Over 1000 shops and boutiques - I had a blast. Didn't really buy much because clothes, like everything else, are ungodly expensive and not much was on sale.  I did get three cardigans because I'm hoping that God will answer my prayers and eventually usher autumn and fall in to Victoria. Also found these boots

but sadly, they were $240 so I didn't get them :(  Maybe I'll get a job on the side. Oh wait, I'm still working on the first job issue.

When Hyatt was finished with his event, we went to the Botanical gardens in Adelaide.  Adelaide has a lot of parks and things and is smaller than Melbourne - which is really nice because Melbourne has a lot of concrete and is really big. The Botanical gardens were really nice - lots of different types of trees and some cool lily pad rooms.

Friday night, we got to meet up with the rest of the clan from Fiji (Paul, Rosie, Ana and Ralph) for dinner at Red Chili.  It's a Thai food restaurant and I can honestly say it is one of the best meals I've had since we've been here, second only to Fahri's cookout at Dookie.

Saturday, Hyatt went to work with Fred who owns and operates Just Commodore Spares in Adelaide. While he was having fun working and learning about cars - I went with Daniella and Josie to Glenelg for some shopping and to see the beach. Clothes were still expensive but look how pretty the beach is!

Saturday night, Daniella and her boyfriend Daniel (cute huh?) took us to the pokey (casino) and also to a club. Hyatt and I had never been to a fancy club before and Danielle told me I wasn't allowed to wear jeans so this is what I ended up in

and these are the hot shoes I wore for about 5 minutes before giving up and taking them off

We had a great time in Adelaide - it was very pretty and it was great to see our friends. We are considering going back for Easter to visit again. Thanks to the Sarti's for a wonderful weekend and for being great hosts!

~ FroBuzz ~

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