Monday, March 28, 2011

Pics of the ML

Well, we're moving. Don't know the new address yet but we are definitely moving. So, before we head out of the ML forever (after 5 weeks of living here) I present to you..... da da da duh duh da DAH! Pictures of our ML. Once we get set up in the new place, I plan to decorate and transmit pictures of my HGTV skills but I didn't really have a chance to decorate the ML so these are pretty plain jane pictures. Enjoy!

Lounge room - the ML came equipped with everything you see here - yes, even the carpet was included (but not the laptop)

Another view of lounge room - stylish loveseat, mirror and floral pillows were part of the deal

If stand right up against the stove- I can put my foot against the opposite wall without straightening my leg. Did that makes sense? Read: it's small

For some reason I think I'm attracted to grey and orange bedding. We received orange and grey bedding from my aunt and uncle as a shower gift also (their gift is way way nice than what we have here). Check out our handy storage underneath the bed - the closet are next to the night stand on this side of the picture.


Will post pictures of the new joint once we get settled in - not sure what I'll name it. I doubt it will have as much character as the ML.

~ FroBuzz ~

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