Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Visit to Dookie

The town's name is Dookie and it's one of the ag campuses associated with the Uni. We got up super early on Sunday morning (6:30) and drove 2 1/2 hours to the Dookie campus sheep and dairy units. Fahri was doing some heat stress evaluations in dairy cattle on Sunday afternoon and Monday and Tuesday were to be devoted to a project evaluating heat stress in sheep.

We got a tour of the Dookie campus - it's out in the country and really pretty. Even saw some kangaroos - but we didn't have the good camera so no pictures, sorry. I can tell you that they are HUGE and will knock you on your butt if you mess with them. The kangaroos here are eastern grey kangaroos - apparently there are 3 or 4 different kinds (red, grey, east, west etc). While at Dookie they hooked us up with some nice dorms which included single bedrooms (Hyatt made me pull my bed into his room. how sweet) and CABLE. We watched ridiculous amounts of Big Bang Theory on Sunday night.

After Fahri finished his cattle work we had a barbee picnic (barbee means BBQ).  Meat only. Not kidding - we had chicken, lamb, kangaroo (I didn't try it but Hyatt said it was ok) and beef. It was all extremely, extremely delicious. I'm  not sure I've ever eaten that much meat in one sitting in my life.

Monday and Tuesday called for a lot of sheep handling work. Hyatt and I were helping evaluate the effect of heat stress on glucose challenged sheep being fed chromium diets. Hyatt helped cannulate the sheep so we could draw blood samples (btw, for you science-y people, cannulate and catheterize are synonymous here). We drew blood samples all day Monday and Tuesday morning - it was really nice for us to be around animals and out in the country again after so much time in the city.

We met some more graduate students and research assistants - all of which were very nice. New friend Vicky promises to take us out on the town sometime next week. We both need a fun night and a few drinks :)

~ FroBuzz ~

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