Friday, March 18, 2011

Upgrading the ML

A few days ago, courtesy of our awesome friend Fahri, we got a dryer!  And this is good news for us because folks, let's get something straight, doing laundry is really freakin' expensive.

Allow me to explain:
Close your eyes and imagine you're in Melbourne at a laundromat with me. We're doing a weeks worth of laundry so about 4 loads (conservatively). Let's do some math:

Washing $4/load --> 4 loads = $16
Drying $1 = 10 minutes. 30 minutes to dry 1 load= $3 x 4 loads = $12

Total cost of 1 load = $7 x 4 loads = $28 on laundry per week

So the fact that we have a dryer is exponentially awesome because we're going to save close to $50/month! Granted, our electricity bill will increase but certainly not by $50 a month.

Here is our beautiful new addition. Resting cozily on our fridge

And now it's time for my happy dance....