Friday, March 25, 2011

A New Chapter

Hi FroBuzz fans (or non-fans, whatever you wish. Even if you aren't our fans, thanks for reading).

So HUGE, GIGANTIC announcement - we're starting a new chapter in our lives and that chapter is called
Moving to a New Apartment Because Our Landlord is a Crook

Sounds like a page-turner dudn't it? In short, our landlord was illegally subleasing her apartment to us - doesn't sad too bad except she was charging us $300 more/month than she was paying to the realtor. Whoops.

So, she is being evicted and taking all the furnishings from our furnished apartment - leaving us with the stuff we lugged over the Pacific, a borrowed dryer and sofa from Fahri, towels, a clock and some groceries. Life's possessions in one sentence - mildly pathetic.

We think we're moving to the college where Hyatt and I tute! It's on campus and the rent is cheap and includes meals because face it, we eat like horses. Please don't mail us anything in the near future until we are definitely sure of our new address. I know, I know - you're dying to send us DVD's, post -it's, crystal light and mac n' cheese but you'll have to wait until we get settled in to our new place.

Talk to you all soon - hope life is treating you well in the states!

~ FroBuzz ~

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