Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Tute-ing Experience

"My name is Brandi Buzzard. You can call me "Brandi" or "Buzzard" but you may NOT call me "ma'am" or "Mrs. Buzzard"." Capice?

Previously, in the drama of FroBuzz, I mentioned that I was hoping to get a job tutoring (or as Aussie's put it tuteing - seriously, no joke) for a few classes. Well, this week I started tuteing two classes and the introduction above is what I said to my first tute session. I will be tutoring Food For a Healthy Planet which talks about basic nutrition, where food comes from, the people who grow it and agriculture's role on the environment. Basically, this class was right up my alley and very similar to the type of information I post on Buzzard's Beat and Food For Thought. The other class, Water for Sustainable Futures, misled me a bit. The course description gives 'hint' that Australian water issues will be discussed but so far, in the six lectures, Australia water issues have been the ONLY topic. Crap.

So, Monday I walked to St. Hilda's College where I will be tuteing for the whole semester. I arrive shortly before dinner which is complimentary for tutes. I immediately am asked to don a robe like this one that I will wear to dinner. I, along with other tutes, the Vice Principal and some professors, will be seated at the High Table for dinner.

After dressing in the proper attire, we strolled into the dining hall while all the students stood up for us like we were royalty. We sat down at the High Table and looked out over the lowly subjects, I mean students. Ha.

After dinner - which was lamb, yum *sarcasm* - and dessert - which was delicious panna cotta - I headed to my tute room to mold some young minds.

Or should I say mind? Because only one student showed up - yeah, one. He was very friendly but seemed appalled that an American was tutoring him about Australian water laws. Yeah, I'm with you dude. But the hour did go by rather quickly and his facial expressions led me to believe that I was at least making some sense. I'll be attending every lecture from here until the end of the semester so that I am caught up on water issues on the world's driest continent. I'm hoping that I'll get good tute reviews.


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