Wednesday, March 2, 2011

They Found Me

In Manhattan, if you park in the wrong space, in the wrong color lot or park over the line a mere 1/2" you get a ticket from the parking 'police' (those of you at K-State know the term I'd like to say, instead of police).

Well, Melbourne has their own version of the parking 'police'. But in Australia, they monitor the trams, trains and buses. They are the Melbourne transport officers and they travel in packs; hunting like wolves for unsuspecting passengers who disobey the transport rules. To add to the spectacle, they wear long black trenchcoats.  They're quite a sight.

Today, I was taking the train into the CBD (central business district) and four 'police' burst through the doors demanding to see everyone's ticket. They hovered over every passenger, poised and ready to write a hefty ticket ($200) to anyone who is trying to get a free ride or forgot to scan their pass. Fortunately, I'd been warned of their presence and practice by our landlord so I escaped their wrath - however, three passengers weren't so lucky. There goes $600 into the pockets of city government officials - wowsa.

~ Buzzard ~

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  1. I'm glad you escaped the tram police without a fine! Also, the tram made me think back to our Germany trip and the fiasco we had trying to pay for the ride! I don't know what we would of done if the 5 of us would have been fined $200 each!