Friday, September 16, 2011

What I learned today...

We recently got our bond back from our previous landlord. You know, the landlord of the ML? To get caught up read this, this and this. I'll wait.

Ok - back to business. So after a long drawn out process of rescheduling the 'court' date about 3 different times, we got approximately $950 back. That's about $750 less than we wanted but at least the issue is resolved and we're through.

The reimbursement checks came to Hyatt and I. Since we don't have the same last name (yet) they had to send half of the money to me and half to Hyatt. The only problem is that they addressed the check to Brandi Frobose. I have a couple of issues with this:

1 - That's not my name.
2 - If the reason for splitting it up is that we don't have the same last name, then why does the check I received say Brandi Frobose? Stupid.
3 - It's extremely difficult to deposit a check made out to Brandi Frobose into an account held by Brandi Buzzard. See the issue?

I made the 30 minute walking trek to the bank, which was rougher than usual because while I was in the states I reverted back to my lazy American self and drove everywhere, and finally got the issue sorted out thanks to the lovely staff at The Bank of Melbourne.

In closing, I've learned that you can do one of the following things if you're ever in my situation:
 A - don't move to another country 3.5 weeks after you get married unless you can magically fast track the name changing process on your visa and passport
B - wait to get married until you get back from said country.
C - Confirm with authorities your name before the checks are issued
D - Make friends with a friendly bank teller named Darin who will vouch that you are Brandi Frobose (even though you're really not) and will deposit the check anyway.

I chose to follow through with option D.

Have a great day!

Until next time,
~ FroBuzz ~

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