Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Catching up from July

Hola! Wait, wrong country.

I'm back from my wondrous adventures in Kansas, Canada, Ohio and North Dakota. Yeah, I get around.....the world.

So, back in July, I promised updates on our trip with Andy, Mandy and Kristen and the pictures from our trip with Lenny, Candace and Jenny. I'm going to do that all.... right now. But really fast and in less detail because I have a lot I want to blog about in the upcoming days and as usual, when I have something to talk about, I'm generally swamped.

As I was saying, A,M and K visited and we left off in Sydney where I was planking and your brain exploded. Caught up? Great.

After Sydney we went to Tamworth and saw friends Daniel and Kate (who we met on our honeymoon in Fiji) and a giant golden guitar (Tamworth is the country music capital of Australia)

 then to Lamington National Park where went hiking, checked out a waterfall and watched the sun rise at about 6 am
gorgeous, huh?

 In front of the waterfall. It was a long way down.
Andy and his massive hiking stick.

Then it was off to Rockhampton to meet some beef producers. Many thanks to the Lawrie family for hosting us and treating us like royalty!
Quite the sight to see so many eared cattle (Brahman influence)!

A good looking group and check out my shirt (K-State I <3 Beef)!

They use camels to keep watch over their cattle. That's neat!

 Finally, we landed in Airlie Beach.....where we had a blast!

Andy made a new friend

Andy, Hyatt and the martian triplets went snorkeling.

And the view was amazing.

We returned back to Melbourne 9 days after we left - tired and broke (er, more broke) - but we had the time of our lives.

I know I promised to post about Candace, Jenny and Lenny but it's late and I'm tired and honestly, I need to live up to my goal of posting 1/day for a whole month (#98) and to do that I can't stuff 3 weeks time into one post. So you'll have to wait.

See you on the flip side!

Until next time,
~ Brandi ~

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