Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Another edition of grinding gears

Earlier this week I posted this about what really grinds my gears. I've decided to widen the scope of what qualifies for these types of rants and have compiled a list below of criteria:
  • Things that don't make any sense or were developed during a period that was lacking quite common sense
  • Stuff that sucks
  • Stuff that ticks me off
  • Ironic things
  • Things that are hilarious because they're blunt or sarcastic
I realized that a lot of things could fall under these guidelines but that's ok because I don't have time to think of 18 different genres for different blog posts. This is all encompassing. Take it or leave it. Please don't leave it. I actually put thought and considerable sarcastic effort into these posts so that you can all be entertained for 3 minutes everyday.

Ok - so for this edition of You Know What Really Grinds My Gears (to be recognized as YKWRGMG from here on out):  Crappy Shoes From K-Mart

Hyatt needed work shoes when we first got here because bringing them from home wasn't an option. So we went to K-Mart and got what we thought were decent work 'boots' for him to wear during projects at Dookie and for general work-iness. They have recently crapped out on him. See for yourself:

It's safe to say his shoes have been telling him they're done since the soles are flapping about.

We're off to buy another pair tomorrow. No use spending a ton of $$ on some nices ones when we're moving in 2.5 months (but who's counting?).

Until tomorrow,
~ Buzzard ~


  1. You should take them back if you haven't had them very long. Y'all haven't been in Australia for that long have ya?

    I buy my heavy work boots from Kmart. I've been buying Texas Steer brand for almost 20 years. They usually last a year or so, and prior to 2008 I was working in construction full time, first as an employee, then as a contractor. Those boots got used pretty hard. Every bit as hard as Hyatt must be using them. And, they were the only footwear I had, so they were worn for 16-18 hours/day 7 days/week.

    I never had them drop a sole like that. However, when I tried buying a pair that were just a little cheaper price wise, they dropped a sole like that in just a couple of months. Last time I'll ever do that.

    Now though, I wear muck boots in the wet part of the year and pull on shoes that are like muck boots in the dry. So I don't wear work boots anymore, at least not much.

  2. We bought the first pair for him in March and he, as you can see, tore the crap out of them. They were pretty cheap. He got a new pair that cost a little more but they should last for the remaining two months we're here.