Thursday, September 22, 2011

Going On A Walkabout

A few days ago, while being bored between pig feeding and weighing, Hyatt wanted to go for a walk. I'm game for a walkabout in the Australian wilderness. My only concern was the potential presence of these:

brown snake =

Before we got out of the ute (remember what a ute is?) I asked Hyatt if he had his phone in case we encountered the aforeshown brown snake of Australia.

Answer. No. Cripes.

**I'm not scared of snakes - I'm scared of dying from a snakebite. Those are two completely different things. **

We proceeded to venture into the outback anyways because we were hoping to catch sight of some our favorite Australian animals - kangaroos, kookaburras and koalas. Like that?

We quietly walked through a forest/bush area (as quiet as we could be considering I was shooing invisible snakes away and hissing at Hyatt to slow down) when I spotted this:
See that? That's some sort of poop. Kangaroo poop, we hoped. Even though it's rather dry.

Continuing on we found this:
Clearly kangaroo track. Look at how they could be made from the jumping motion. **We have no idea if these are really tracks but they look kind of like them so we called it a win**

I found my favorite Australian bird hanging out in a tree nearby. I love his call.

While continuing to walk somewhat quietly through the bush - we saw more of this:
This looks waaaaaaay fresher and we must be getting close to something.

Next thing we know - jackpot.
If you look closely in the upper third of the picture, right in the center - that's a kangaroo bounding away.

And this guy is a wallaby - notice how he's darker and carries himself lower than kangaroos?

I found one more interesting specimen in the bush...

He hates it when I get camera happy.

All in all, the walkabout was successful. Sighted two of my fave Aussie animals. No snakes. No snakebites. Great day :)

See you tomorrow,
~ Buzzard ~

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