Monday, September 26, 2011

Marriage Revelation #13

I'm certain I've had more than 13 revelations since we've been married, but 13 is my favorite number so it seemed fitting.

This is not only a revelation about our marriage, but about myself which affects our marriage. It runs full circle - get it?

I was clicking away on the wonderful world of Pinterest (if you don't know what Pinterest is, I'll invite you. No one should be deprived of pinning) and saw this list:
I read it and suddenly realized aloud - "I'm an introvert." Holy crap. It took me 25 years to figure this out about MYSELF. So many things that Hyatt and I get into teensy arguments about stem from these personality characteristics.

I've always known Hyatt was an extrovert but I kind of thought I was too because I'm very outgoing and loud around my friends and family but once I saw all of those pieces of information together in one list - it made it very clear to me why Hyatt and I get frustrated with each other. Hyatt is the first extrovert I've ever been in a relationship with (and definitely the only one I've married) so it's safe to say we have some personality clashes.

I promptly emailed him this list and told him that A) this would explain so much for him B) understanding and committing these traits to memory would help us grow as a couple and C) if he avoided doing these things, we'd argue less and be happy more.

I guess that goes to show that we never stop learning about ourselves or each other. Many thanks to Pinterest for helping me discover my inner introvert!

Until tomorrow,
~ Buzzard ~

p.s. just before I posted this, Hyatt told me he 'was glad I'm coming out." Cripes.


  1. I'm an introvert too! This makes me happy :)

  2. This makes me laugh. I found that list once too and had the EXACT SAME moment you did. I am printing it out & putting it on the fridge, so my extrovert fiance plays nice! :)

  3. Lenny - you make me happy.

    Jamie - as soon as I OWN a printer, I'm doing the same thing. I need to find a list about "Caring for your Extrovert"!