Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Battlewounds from Pork

Hyatt's trial is almost done. I have just finished washing off the sweat, pig crap, sheep crap, dirt and blood from a 12 hour day of livestock work. Yes, I said blood.

We loaded pigs this evening. I had a run-in with a nasty boar. This was the result.
Look at ma face!

While it's safe to say that the boar definitely won the battle after throwing the sorting board back at my face (literally), I can most assuredly claim I won the war. I'll be still be alive in 12 hours and he, well.....

I think I'd look good in a Bruce Willis movie.

Hyatt told me, "Guys dig scars."


You may notice that I am wearing my "I dig the pig" shirt from the Ohio Pork Producer's Council.

I am not, currently, digging the pig.

More tomorrow (but less blood),
~ Buzzard ~

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