Saturday, September 17, 2011

I am the Queen

of packing.


But seriously, I would challenge anyone to beat me in packing two tons of stuff into two large suitcases. I'll win. **Disclaimer: I'm not responsible for how much the suitcases weigh when I'm through. They'll probably be heavy. You've been warned.**

I showed off my packing skills to my mama when I was preparing to come back to Australia a few weeks ago.

Everything in the above six pictures had to fit into one large suitcase, one medium suitcase, one small roller carry-on and a computer bag/personal item.

I succeeded in getting almost everything in - and I'll explain a few quick tips on how to do so.

Roll your clothes - this saves bookoo room. You can fit 5 pair of pants in to half the space if they're rolled. Added bonus: you can better see what you've packed if it's folded and not stacked.

Fill shoes/boots with items. I usually use socks but since I was bringing back goodies for my hubsy I decided to put spice jars in my tennies...

and Jell-O and gravy mix in my boots.

This is my favorite recent purchase. A pretty turquoise bag from Ripcurl that Hyatt bought me while we were in Cairns. It's got so many books, movies, papers and mags in it, among various technological devices, that it weighed about 25 pounds.

I put pliable materials between layers of clothing. This suitcase held all my jeans, research papers, all of the pictured food and some more shoes and boots.

Almost of the stuff made its way back to Australia. I had to leave some of the things from the first picture (Victoria's Secret body spray, extra bottle of hairspray, bottle of Dolce & Gabbana light blue) and some of the food from the third picture behind (Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce) because they were sending me way over the weight limit.

Hyatt was thrilled to get about 10 lbs of candy, a ton of Crystal Light, his favorite kind of Hamburger Helper (stroganoff) and mac n' cheese. I think he may have been happier to see all his goodies than he was to see me!

Until next time,
~ FroBuzz ~

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