Friday, May 13, 2011

Vocabulary Lessons

As expected, terminology for certain things differs between countries. Even when both countries speak English. For example:
Lesson #1:
"Wow - that shirt is too dear!"
Meaning: wow - that shirt is so expensive.   Expensive = too dear. Got it?

Lesson #2:
"Ok - get in the ute it's time to go."
Meaning: Ok - get in the truck it's time to go.   Truck = ute

What is a 'ute' you ask?  This is a ute - and they're everywhere. They look like a 1970's El Camino except they still make these. Fahri has one and it's badass.

Other fun vocab words in Australia
Tasty cheese - apparently it's ok to use adjectives interchangeably as brand names. Tasty cheese is supposedly cheddar cheese. But it's not yellow. Also, there is no American cheese here. Go figure.

Mackers - McDonalds. Duh. That should have been an easy one.

Capsicum - this is a pepper. I think most people already knew that but I was oblivious to the fact that a pepper could have another name. Stupid American.
Fairy Floss - cotton candy flavor. Hyatt loves those cheap icee pops and they have a flavor called fairy floss. It took us quite some time to get the courage up to try them.

I'm sure there will be many more vocab lessons but right now I'll answer the one question I'm sure you're all asking about this post....No, tasty cheese is NOT tasty.

~ FroBuzz~

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