Thursday, July 28, 2011

Our First Visitors!

We had the great pleasure of hosting some of our friends from the states from June 25- July 6. And boy oh boy did we have a blast.

After picking them up at the aiport at 9:30 am, and hugging and crying, we rushed them back to the Phat Flat at Hilda's so that we could get on the road. We fed them and sprayed some water on them to wash the stink off and then set off in this magnificent beast of a vehicle. I present to you: Maxine the iMax.

Okay - after writing that, I realized I didn't have a great picture of Maxine but I have this one that shows most of her body and highlights Andy's charming smile. Did I mention our friends were Andy, Mandy and Kristen? Now I did.

I also have this picture of the inside of Maxine and the backseat which became known as "The Man Cave' - Andy sat there and that shall serve as explanation enough.

We girls didn't go back there much - ew.

Our first stop was Sydney and we didn't get there until approximately midnight. Which was fine except we stayed in the heart of Sydney in the *Red Light District*. Hostels, houses of ill repute, bars and no parking. Awesome. Our accomodation was fine but finding a parking spot and getting into our room was a you know what.

The next morning, after some fruit, yogurt and squished muffins (ask Andy about that) we set off for  what is probably the only thing that 90% of American's can identify with Australia: the Sydney Opera House. I remembered to charge the camera this time so hallelujah!

Cue angels and trumpets etc.

Awesome huh? We also saw the Harbour Bridge which you can climb if you dish out $200 AUD but we're not loaded and I'm pretty much petrified of heights so we bowed out of that one.

Here are some pictures of Sydney and the Harbour area on our trip which Mandy, Kristen and I dubbed -- "Chronicles of the Boat Shoes"

K-S-U Wildcats!

From l-r: Mandy, me and Kristen

Ha - I snuck a mushy one in there on you. Do I hear 'awwww'?

I can't find a picture of the whole group of us in Sydney buuuutttt I did find this picture....

I bet your brain just exploded - planking, boom.

Ok - that's enough for now. Coming up: more of our road trip from Melbourne to Airlie Beach (which is the equivalent of driving from LA to Chicago. Google it, I'm serious).

Thanks for reading!


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