Sunday, October 2, 2011

More vocabulary lessons

You may remember your first vocab lesson. Well, it's time for the second edition.

Snag - sausage OR Sensitive New Age Guy

Sanger (prononced 'sanga') - a sandwich

Chockers - very full

Squiz - a quick look around; have a look

Durri - cigarette

*this one I can't believe they abbreviate* -- Chrisse - Christmas -

Esky - a cooler

Feral - a hippie

Milk bar - a quickie station; like QuikTrip

Whinge - complain or whine

Rock up - to arrive; "I rocked up to Vic's house for evening tea'

Grog - alcohol; beer

Nut out - to work out an agreement; hash something out

There are so many more - I'll have to post them as I think of them but since we've been at the show this week, these are what are fresh in my mind.  Try to fit them into conversation; I'll bet you get weird looks!

Until tomorrow,
~ Buzzard ~

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