Friday, October 21, 2011

It's Bloody Hot

That's my way of saying it's hot as hell here - it was 90 degrees (F) on Wednesday and guess what - the ole flat doesn't have A/C. It does have windows that open about 3 inches but no wind = no air movement.

My darling husband knows how much I LOATHE being hot (seriously, the thermostat in our house is never above 60 in the winter) so he surprised me yesterday with a new friend:

Meet Phan. She's neato - not only does she keep me cool at night but when she is whirring away on "High", she drowns out the sound of the extremely near-by four lane road that connects two highways.

For privacy purposes, I cannot reveal her origin but she too will be leaving the flat in approximately seven weeks.

I foresee a beautiful, short-lived friendship in the making.

Peace out!
~ Buzzard ~

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