Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hyatt and NHS

Hyatt sometimes gets what I lovingly refer to as NHS (Nappy Hair Syndrome) and therefore, to save $$$$, I have to practice my expert hair shaping skills. It’s gonna get real, folks. Here’s happy Hyatt prior to the hair cutting extravaganza
Check out my tools – clippers, backcomb (mine and lives in my purse) and utility scissors.
To begin with, you wet the hair. Try not to get water in his eyes or he whines and it’s annoying – then make a Mohawk because seriously, what other chance do I have while he’s sitting still and not squirming around. Bam!
Isn’t he dashing?

OK – next step, attempt layering. He likes it a little longer on top and short on the sides so I clip the sides with the comb and clippers and then I pull the middle together and trim and trim and trim and trim.

I come it to the front to see if I’m doing well and realize that maybe I shouldn’t be cutting hair.
Me thinks it looks a little uneven. Or it’s his weird hairline and misshapen head. I think the latter.

He cut me off from taking pictures after this but I should let you know that I totally evened it up and he looks fantastic. I took this picture the next day when he was in a better mood. See???
Well, his hair looks fantastic. His face looks grouchy.

And that’s how you cut your hubsy’s hair, friends.
 Please, soak up the knowledge that is emanating from this blog.

Until next time,
~ Buzzard ~

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