Friday, October 7, 2011

Conferencing it up

As I said yesterday, Hyatt was invited to Perth to speak at the APL/CRC Pork Roadshow. (APL = Australian Pork Limited  CRC = Cooperative Research Center). So today he gave his talk about Lecithin Supplementation and Pork Quality and also about the current economic situation with the US pork industry.

I, being the photog that I am, of course had to snap some pictures of him being important.

He must have said something funny early on.

Talking about the sky high corn prices, ethanol and their effects on the livestock industry in the states.

This evening, we were invited to the Western Australia Pork Producers Association (WAPPA) annual meeting and dinner. As with any agricultural meeting, there's usually good food, good drink and good company. Tonight was no different. It was such a special dinner that we even got to dress up for the event -  I was much more excited about this than Hyatt. So here we are...

I'm wearing the most comfortable heels on the planet, courtesy of bf Vickey :)

I would be remiss if I didn't mention our hosts here in Perth. Dr. Bruce Mullan and the Department of Agriculture and Food in Western Australia have been so kind to Hyatt and I by putting us up for the week. Everyone has been so friendly (like all of the rest of Australia) and has been super keen to show us around. Yesterday we were fortunate to tour the department's farms (pictures to come later) and later in the week we're going to a piggery, a pork meat plant and a feedlot. This weekend, we'll be doing the touristy things around Perth so don't worry, I'll keep you posted with exciting pictures and commentary.

Miss you all - until tomorrow!
~ FroBuzz ~ 

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