Saturday, October 8, 2011

Thar She Blows!

I love the ocean. and ships. and water in general. Oh, and all things that live below the water and float on top. 

Especially whales.

So when we got the chance to go on a real live whale watching cruise, I jumped at the opportunity. I really don't care that it cost fifty buckaroos per person. I've got plenty of buckaroos to throw around - I make it rain (I hope you all got the reference; also sarcasm)

So we set out this morning to see some whales and take some awesome flicks like this:

While in Perth, we've had the chance to meet up with Duncan and Marina, some family friends who use to live in Ohio but have moved back to Australia to raise their two little girls who are adorbs.

Anywho, back to the whales. Here are some of the best shots - I cannot describe my excitement when we saw the first one. Undescribably thrilled.

Up close and personal

Can you see that spray? That's the whale clearing his air hole. I'm sure there is a technical word for it but I don't know what it is.

More breaching (I think that's the right word) 

We only saw one whale jump in the air and of course, we missed the midair shot. But this is the splash - use your imagination.

Aside from seeing the jump, I was pretty stoked about getting a shot of the whale's tail! Booyah!

Today was absolutely amazing and I have a ton more pictures to post about our day of visiting Little Creatures Brewery, Cottlesloe Beach (I stood in the Indian Ocean!) and then dinner at WA's iconic Kailis fish and chippery. I actually even managed to take some halfway decent pictures of the ocean and some ships so you've got that to look forward to later.

Until tomorrow,
~ Brandi ~

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