Monday, October 10, 2011

Sketchy Security

I think I'm one of the rare Americans that actually appreciates the extensive TSA airline security checks. I know that TSA has a bad rep for embarrassing people and I'd be ticked if such an event ever happened to me or a family member or friend but for the time being, I"m all for the hassle. By no means do I enjoy the waiting in line to sort all my personal belongings into plastic tubs but I get the point and I appreciate it.

That being said, I do NOT appreciate the fact that, despite posted signs in Austrailan airports about no open drinks going through security and having liquids be 300 ml or less, I was able to get this through the security checkpoint. It was an experiment of sorts.

That is a regular sized bottle of water that is half full (or half empty, depending on how you view life).

Not only did it go through the scanner but I was randomly selected to have my bag checked and the intimidating 'bag checker' also let it through. Cripes.

Until tomorrow,
~ Buzzard ~

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