Thursday, October 13, 2011

Top Pics from Perth

We got back to Melbourne late this afternoon (Thursday). I didn't really want to return to Melbourne but all good things must come to an end (that's a stupid saying, I think).

Anywho, I'd like to share my favorite pictures from our lovely week spent in Perth. Enjoy!

View from our hotel room - stunning
Whale tail!
I love boats.

She is so precious!

Cottesloe Beach - a man was attacked by a shark the day after we were there. Sad and scary :(

A lizard of some sort - can't remember what kind but cool picture!

Gemma and Zoe - double preciousness

I love ships....and the water in general.
Cows - well marbled ones, actually. Wagyu-Angus cross
Standing in the Indian Ocean - p.s. by the time I leave Australia, I will have stood in 4/5 oceans. Booyah :)

Hope you got a little bit of enjoyment out of our Perth exploits!

Until tomorrow,
~ Buzzard ~


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  2. --edit--
    Hey Guys,
    I just stumbled onto your blog. As an Aussie Uni Student its always interesting reading about other peoples experiences.
    Umm I think the Lizard in your picture above is either a Bluetongue or a shingleback, though he is a bit light in colour for a shingleback.

  3. Thanks for the heads up! We are definitely not wildlife rangers so thanks for clarifying! and for reading :)