Sunday, October 9, 2011

Exploring Perth

Well today was another day in Perth full of sight-seeing and adventures. First the day started with a little walk by the Swan River which kind of runs through the middle of Perth, it was a really pretty park that had a really great view of the CBD.

We were pretty hungry after walking around for what seemed like ages, so we stopped at a little hole in the wall Chinese restaurant called 'China Court' - prior to entering Hyatt and I had mixed opinions. This was mine...
'eh, seems sketch'

Buy Hyatt seemed pretty excited for some good food.

So we went in and sat down and had a fairly unique experience.
Sweet ceiling...

my sweet n' sour pork was delish - check out the tablecloth btw, doesn't exactly match the rest of the decor.

Hyatt was less than pleased about his seafood something or other.

On a sidenote - we ordered a 'jug' of Coke Zero. It came with a welcomed surprise...

Nothing like drinking Coke out of a wine glass to make you feel ultra classy.

At the end of this escapade, our final thoughts were as follows:
Hyatt was less than happy with the turnout but..

I thought it was great!

With full stomachs and new-found energy, we set out for King's Park which is near the CBD (a long ways away if you take a look at how far we were in the first picture) so we had a lot of walking. To get up to the top of King's Park, which has several war memorials and a quite gorgeous botanical garden, you have to climb Jacob's Ladder. This is Jacob's Ladder...
Holy cripes - I can't describe how tired I was. blah

One of the look out points in King's Park.

A memorial for the soldiers of WA who lost their lives in the Great War, WWII, Korea and Vietnam.

Another view of the war memorial. Gorgeous.

We also went to the shipwreck museum (pics on Facebook soon) and finally had dinner with Duncan and Marina and their two girls, Gemma and Zoe. Hyatt and I had a blast playing with Gemma who is two and is uber smart and energetic. Zoe is only about 5 weeks old and spent most of the night sleeping so I don't have any pics of Hyatt or I playing with her.

Hyatt and Gemma playing 'jumpy jumpy' - it was entertaining.

 I enthralled her with my book reading skills - I read no less than eight books!

More to come this week - our time at Cottesloe Beach, a hog farm, feedlot and 'best of' pics from the trip. Be sure to check out my FB albums for extensive collections of A+ quality photos (sarcasm).

Until tomorrow,
~ Brandi ~

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