Friday, May 27, 2011

Today, I was supposed to run a 10K

Things to do when preparing for a 10K:

-- Go to bed early the night before - tired legs = slow time --- CHECK
-- Consume carbs  > 1 hr before running for energy --- 2 croissants - CHECK
-- Dress for chilly, rainy Melbourne weather (leggings, under armor) --- CHECK
-- Pring off direction to running course --- CHECK
-- Remember to bring shoes and race number --- double CHECK
-- Show up on correct day --- #EPICFAIL

That's right, I got up (and made Hyatt get up to drive me) at 6:15 am. I ate breakfast, groomed, got dressed, double checked directions and we drove the 20 minutes to the Newport Running Club track. It was down by Docklands so that was very cool - got to see a few cargo ships going out to sea.

Walk up to registration desk to check in and old (but very in-shape and intimidating) man tells me I'm at the wrong race.

Scuse me?

"The Sri Chimnoy is tomorrow."
"Ha. Good one. But seriously."
"It's tomorrow, today is the Old Men Running Club practice." (not real name of club but whatevs)

I start to leave -- "Wait, stay and run with us today. It will be a good practice."

Are you kidding me? It's 7:45 AM on a SATURDAY and it's raining. I'm not doing a so-called "fun practice run."

I am so thankful that I married a patient man who didn't kill me when I got back into Lois and told him the news. I am also appalled at this conundrum because I am so ORGANIZED. Hyatt is always the one who forgets dates/times (he missed his GRE b/c of a similar situation) - what the heck is happening to me? Answer: old age.

So - now I get to repeat the same process tomorrow. Oh joy. Still hope I don't collapse from exhaustion.

~ FroBuzz ~


  1. Lol, this sucks. Now you have to be all mentally prepared again. I'm sure you'll kick some butt in a few hours. Good luck!

  2. Lol - hopefully all the nerves will be all worked out tomorrow morning!