Monday, May 23, 2011

Peek into the FroBuzz Flat

Alright folks - you've been waiting for this for a long, long time. I have finally 'decorated' enough to warrant some pictures of our cute little flat at St. Hildas College. Hope you like them - we love our flat!

The hallway to our flat - the first door on the right (in the picture) is the laundry room (free!)

Aaaaand, we're going in

Ta-da! Our table, some chairs and our book/movie/card/storage shelf.

We eat a lot of fruit - I bought that sweet glass bowl for $4 at Savers

All the cards we've received - thanks, ya'll!

Our books - 1/2 of those we've bought since being in Australia and others people have sent to us.

 Movies (thanks Candace and Lenny) and The Office - it's a staple

Some of the few decorations we have - that figurine is called Father and Daughter. Podge gave it to me before we left for Australia.

And the rest of our decor - that figurine is Close To Me - given to me by my Aunt Daisy.  I have one more that my cousin Courtney gave to me but I forgot to pack it. :(  Aunt Jody sent me the family picture 

The living area - Majors Grattan and Glenda Savage lended us the tv b/c the flat didn't come with one.

The kitchen - very spacious :)  We don't use it a lot because all of our meals are provided

Contents of our fridge - drinks and condiments. Beer, iced tea, crystal light, milk, ketchup, jelly, butter, cheese, eggs and cream. Lots of meals can be created with all this....

Gotta have the basics - Hyatt is in withdrawal because he doesn't have hundreds of spice containers

We could absolutely NOT survive without our SpongeBob popcorn popper

More of the living space - the cabinet has all of the rest of our food, dishes and the Wii!

Standing in living space looking at the other end of the flat.

Master bedroom - Hyatt's mom made those green pillowcases

The workspace

My side of the closet - yes that is the entirety of clothes I was able to bring

  Hyatt's side - he also has a dresser that is behind the door.

Couldn't come to Australia without bringing our boots! We've got bullhide, ostrich and caiman all being represented in this picture.

Hope you liked getting a glimpse of our place -- if you want to see more, fly over here and visit us!

~ FroBuzz ~

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