Monday, May 9, 2011

Post w/out a Name

So big things are happening this week - let me catch you up on the developments in the house of FroBuzz.

-- Hyatt has finalized and set a date for his trial, so he is extremely excited about that.
-- He will also be coaching the first ever meats team at Melbourne University.
-- This Friday is 'our day in court' with the so-called landlord. Hopefully, we'll be getting a hefty chunk of change back from that encounter and can leave it behind once and for all.

Other than that, not much is going on. Last week we went to the Healesville Sancuary which was awesome and I promise to post pictures of all the wildlife we saw. We don't do much because $$ is tight and we're trying to save for when all of our friends come and visit (Mandy, Andy, Kristen, Lenny, Candace, Jenny, Doug and Hyatt's parents). We are so excited to see everyone soon.

We miss you all a ton - thanks again for all the birthday wishes. It was so kind of everyone. Look at all the love I got from overseas!

Personal favorite is probably the card that looks like a slice of bologna from my sister in law, Hannah.

Thanks to everyone again!

~ FroBuzz ~

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