Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sydney and Easter

So a few weekends ago we went to Sydney to visit Royal Easter Show which is kind of like the state fair in a highly populated state like Ohio or California. Here are some of the pictures from the show.  It was great to finally see some cattle!

Cute little Angora goat

Well groomed Angus cattle and their 'home' for the week

The Charolais show

We also got to go to the Blue Mountains and see the 3 Sisters (unfortunately, the 3 Frobose sisters weren't there)

Got to see the Big Merino in Goulburn

and his big backside, too.

Sydney was a blast - we're going back in June and I'm definitely going to make sure my cameras are charged so I can get pictures of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge.
Easter was fun - we went to church (will eventually write a post about our church), I made engagement chicken for dinner and then Dean, Maree and their daughters Olivia and Bridget took us to our first Australian footy game!
Engagement chicken - that's a lemon sticking out, btw.

In front of Etihad stadium before the game

 Hyatt and Dean talking footy

Hyatt and I with the North Melbourne mascot, the Kangaroo

The footy field in Etihad Stadium

We had a pretty eventful holiday weekend.

~ FroBuzz ~


  1. Brandi I know one of the people in your first picture! The guy with the really curly hair. I worked with him when I was in Melbourne for the World Simmental Show. He fits cattle all over the place! Loved all the photos. I thought the Merino sheep was pretty cool. That is where I learned about possum wool! Glad you are having a blast!

  2. That is crazy! What a small world!