Saturday, April 23, 2011

Queen Victoria Market

I may have mentioned that fresh produce is a really big deal here so we buy fresh fruits and veggies about 2x a week. Our most recent shopping trip was to the Queen Victoria Market (QVM) which is gigantic and not only has produce but meats, veggies and lots of bakeries for fresh breads.

Most of the produce is cheaper and fresher than what we could buy at a grocery store so this will probably become a weekly event. Check out these pics of our first Queen Vic Market experience.

Hyatt examining some kiwi - we bought 10 for $2!

The nut stand

My favorite - fresh strawberries!

~ FroBuzz ~

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  1. Greeting from up the road in Alice Springs. Your fellow K Stater, Mary Kane, is a friend of mine and she directed me to your blog. My husband and I started our marriage by coming to Australia 4 years ago and we're still here. If you ever make it up this way (it's only a few days drive!) please get in touch. We love showing off our desert.

    Enjoy the journey!

    Paula Waggoner