Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Starting to Enjoy the City

Don't freak out - even though I'm starting to like city life we are still definitely coming back. Can't take the country out of the girl (or something like that).

Why am I liking it so much? Let me count the ways...

-- I can walk to the grocery store in 10 minutes
-- There are tons of GREAT boutiques and shops within a few short blocks.
-- I have never seen so many restaurants in such a few short blocks (bars, yes. restaurants, no). Greek, Italian, Indian, Thai, Chinese, Japanese - it's all just a 10 minutes from our comfy apartment. There is actually a shortage of fast food here - only McDonald's (Macca's), KFC and Hungry Jack (Burger King).

I guess the best thing about city life is that it's just so much quicker to walk somewhere than drive.

We're so excited that quite a few of our friends are coming to visit soon! Mandy, Kristen and Andy are coming in June and Lenny, Candace and Jenny are coming in July! On top of that Doug Albright is probably coming in the fall, just not sure of the date yet. And last, but not least, Hyatt's parents are coming in late October - the rest of the year is going to fly by!


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