Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cast of Characters

I realized I've been going on about different people we've met here in Australia but haven't really given any background or indication as to who they are. My bad. Consider this your dictionary of Australia character's that play a role in the 'saga down unda'.

Dr. Frank Dunshea - Professor who Hyatt will be conducting his research with
Fahri Fahri - yes, his first name is the same as his last. He is a post-doc at the Uni and helped us move (twice). We also lived with him last week during this whole housing catastrophe. He is super helpful and super nice.
Vickey Russo -  new friend who I work with in the animal houses. She and her pal Kristy introduced me to a lot of Australia vocabulary, culture and how to have a good time.
Kristy DiGiacomo - See above. PhD student in Animal Production and all around great gal
Maree Cox - Manager of the animal houses where I work. Helped us get hooked up with our new car (pictures coming), gave me a job and her and her husband Dean helped Hyatt out in a pinch when the new car died.
Grattan and Glenda Savage - Pastors at the church we attend - Salvation Army Corps, Thornbury. They're the pastors but the Corp calls the 'Majors'. Are two of the nicest people you could ever hope to know, are giving us a TV (woot woot) and fed us a homecooked meal.
Natalie, Sally, Henny, Anna, Sarah, Shannon, Alex, Michelle - all current or past graduate students in animal science and have been very nice and accomodating in showing us around, inviting us to dinner and letting us help on their projects.

If I have forgotten anyone, I am truly sorry - there may be a 2nd cast post later after we've been here awhile.


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