Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tasmanian Devils

Hyatt's parents came and visited us from October 25th(ish) to early November. After a slight hiccup with their flights (a delay in Chicago caused a missed flight which resulted in a day later arrival) we picked them up to explore Melbourne for a day before we left for Tasmania. I was super pumped, like always, to go traveling and couldn't wait to get there where it rains a lot and the weather is cooler.

During our time in Tassie, we went to a Tasmanian Devil wildlife reserve and saw some cool new feathered friends, too. We went on a boat tour of Bruny Island and saw some amazing rock formations, wildlife and sealife. We went on a tour of Cascade Brewery and visited Port Arthur which used to be a work camp/prison. Then we spent a ton of cash at Salamanca Markets in Hobart - that was fantastic (many of you will have Christmas presents that originated from Tasmania). Of course we did lots of random things too that I don't feel like explaining but I am sure by looking at these pictures and also at the albums on Facebook, you'll get a good grasp of how much fun we had.

First wildlife spotting - echidna. Dan investigated

Hyatt and I in our fluoro vests at the Cascade Brewery tour

Vicki really really liked the Tasmanian Devils

They're kind of ugly little devils but very funny

We could just walk up to these guys and pet or feed them

That cool looking lime green and yellow goose let me pet it and I wasn't expecting it to - the best picture Hyatt has ever taken!

It was Dan and Vicki's anniversary so we made them take a picture together to commemorate the trip

 We got up close and personal with a parrot

This bird is ALMOST as cool as the black breasted buzzard and the kookaburra (but not quite). It's the tawny frog mouth - mouth looks just like a frog and this bird can blend in with any tree!

The church at the Port Arthur prison - I took a lot of pictures

Dan prior to departure for our boat trip - it was raining and a little bit cold.

They call that the King on the Llama, I don't know about you but if I was a king I'd rather ride a horse than a llama. Llamas spit and are mean.

The blowhole - suction, pressure, water etc all resulted in this big water explosion. Very cool

Sea birds - I forget what they're called

Lots and lots of seals

More pictures on thefacebook!

Until next time,
~ Buzzard ~

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