Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Four out of five ain't bad

Briefly have internet today, for about 10 minutes, so I wanted to update you on the going-ons of FroBuzz.

During primary and middle school, I was taught that there were 4 oceans; Pacific, Atlantic, Arctic and Indian, and until the year 2000 that was the norm. Easy peasy.

Science decided to change things up a bit and add a whole ‘nother ocean – I don’t really know if ‘adding’ is the correct term but whatevs. So in 2000ish, the water south of Tasmania that stretches down to surround Antarctica was declared the Southern Ocean. It’s cold. It’s really big. I got to ride a ship through it this past weekend while looking for seals, whales and dolphins.

That's us on the boat with the Southern Ocean in the background.

2500 miles straight south and you'll run into Antarctica

So I can officially check off 4/5 oceans that I’ve swam (Atl., Pac.), stood (Ind.) or boated (Sou.) in. Success.

More posts about Tassie to come later – Hyatt’s parents and Hyatt and I had an amazing time exploring the beauty of Tasmania.

Currently in the outback around Alice Springs – if you look up ‘middle of nowhere’ in the dictionary it will say Alice Springs/Uluru/Coober Pedy. For realz.

Until I have internet access again, hopefully in the next 9 days,
~ Buzzard ~

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