Friday, July 15, 2011

Sorry for my/our absence!

I'll be the first to admit that I have really been slacking in posting on this blog. Things have been really busy lately, let me catch you up.

-- Hyatt's trial started, stopped and has recommenced.
-- Andy, Mandy and Kristen visited June 25-July 6 - we had an epic roadtrip. Several posts on this to come.
-- Lindsey, Candace and Jenny K. are visiting us right now so we're busy having fun around Melbourne and are going to Cairns in three days.

I've been busy working on my thesis, writing columns for Grass and Grain and Farm Talk and of course, blogging on Buzzard's Beat, Food For Thought and NCBA's YPC Cattle Call. Hyatt and I have also been very busy planking - get excited.

So, in short - we've been busy but I'm planning to blog my brains out so you guys can see what's been going on.

See ya on the flip,

p.s. -who wants another post from Hyatt?!?!!? I do! I do!


  1. Tell Hyatt to blog about his meats team and his award.

  2. i. like. it. p.s. why were you awake at 5:04 am?

  3. He definitely needs to do one while you're gone. He can tell everyone about his time in Dookie and how he is anxiously awaiting the return of his awesome wife.