Sunday, August 14, 2011

Kangaroos.... Definitely Cooler than Koalas

While my wife is back in the US, I got the opportunity to hold a joey kangaroo! When we recently went to Cairns, Brandi was very excited to pay $15.00 to hold a koala, but I got to hold this kangaroo below for free.

Basically I'm showing off because I don't really care about koalas, because they are lazy and sleep 18 hours a day because their diet is so poor in nutrients. Kangaroos on the other hand are fast, efficient, bounce around all day, and pregnant kangaroos can delay the development of the fetus until the currently nursing joey is weaned off. Just a fun little kangaroo trivia fact for those of you who are as dorky as me.

Enjoy the pictures,



  1. The koala was way cooler because his name was Chibby AND he loved me.

  2. They are both adorable, can you bring them back for me as a souvenir? k, thanks.