Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We LOVE Our Salvos Church!

If you didn't know, Hyatt and I attend chuch at the Salvation Army Corps in Thornbury (where the ML was). Even though we moved to the city, we still really enjoy the Salvos Church so we make the short trip there every Sunday evening for service.

This is our church:

Isn't it pretty?

Music is an integral part of any church and congregation, and the Salvos is no different. Except our music comes in the form of a brass band! They're so talented and the music is really uplifiting and unique. I snapped a picture the last time we were at service.

Majors Grattan and Glenda Savage and the rest of the congregation are so warm and friendly to us. They have made us feel right at home and are always asking us how we're doing and offering to help out. This past week, we got a chance to return the kindness by helping with the Red Shield Appeal. I don't have a picture of Hyatt and I collecting but we were helping collect $$ at stoplights so when the light was red, we walked down the lanes of cars with our buckets. When the lights turned green....we ran!

It was a really rewarding experience - it felt amazing to give back to a community who has given us so much.


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